LCSS Open Dig 07.04.2019

An early start saw a few hardy souls driving to a farm near Bache, Shropshire.

This was our 4th event on this landowners holding and finds have ranged from Modern through to Anglo Saxon.
Today we had 40+ acres of short grazed pasture to search and a flock of ewes with lambs at foot for company.
Parking was along a private drive leading into a valley with woodland and beautiful outlook across the Shropshire Hills AONB.
Sadly the finds were fairly sparse and mostly remnants of picnics, shooting and similar detritus. Amongst the various metal items a few nice 1920`s – 1940`s silver sixpences and shillings surfaced.
I was happily detecting around the cars when a solid signal revealed a William III “Love Token” at about 4 inches deep.
As the members departed and the sun came out another signal revealed a small bronze ring with a deep green, almost black patina. Some research suggest it dates to the Roman period.

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